Introduction to Chong-Liao Primary School (clps)


1. Chong-Liao branch school of the Lucao national primary school was established on April 8, 1952.

2. Chong-Liao branch school became independent Chong-Liao national school on October 31, 1955.

3. Chong-Liao national school was coordinated to lengthen nine year national religion to rename Chong-Liao national primary school in August, 1968.



1. Address:No.160 ,Chongliao Village , Lucao Township , Chiayi County 61153 Taiwan(R.O.C)

2. Tel : 886-5-053752544  Fax: 886-5-053752649

3. Website



Chong-Liao national primary school is the rural primary school of a model, the family grows up and engages in farming partly. Studying area including Chongliao village and Shis village. Faith center of most people is Cheng Huang God's Temple of Anxi Chongliao. Already there is history of more than 200 length of service in this Cheng Huang God's Temple.


Facts and Organization

1. Number of students:40

2. Number of classrooms: 6  (Grade 1 to 6)

3. Number of teaching staffers : 13

4. Measure of area : 1.1011 hectare

5. Average age of teaching staffers : 43 years old

6. Formal schooling record of teaching staffers :

People count of masterĄG9

People count of universityĄG2

People count of othersĄG3


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